GCPC Session 4: Exploring tranformational pathways towards 1.5°


GCPC 2016: ‘Implementing the Paris Agreement. New Research Solutions for Developing Countries’

Session 4, 14th July.

The forth session focused on the next steps towards achieving the 1.5° climate change target.

The session was moderated by Ambuj Sagar, Professor of Policy Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and one of our members at Climate Strategies. Each speaker presented their introductions to the topic for approximately 15 minutes.

Introduction 1: ‘Exploring Tranformational Pathways’ by Ajay Mathur, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

Introduction 2: ‘African Development Bank – Getting ready for a post 2020 world’ by Gareth Phillips, African Development Bank


The introductions were followed by response and discussion from:

  • Ann Makena (Pan African Climate Justice Alliance)
  • Ntahorwamiye Aime Claude (Ministry of Finance of Burundi)