GCPC Session 3: Strengthening capacity of African policy-making and civil society


GCPC 2016: ‘Implementing the Paris Agreement. New Research Solutions for Developing Countries’

Session 3, 14th July.

The third session focused on the next steps towards strengthening capacity building of policy making and civil society, with particular focus activities within the African continent.

The session was moderated by Sonja Klinsky, Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University and one of our members at Climate Strategies. Each speaker presented their introductions to the topic for approximately 15 minutes.

Introduction 1: ‘Towards a transformative and comprehensive climate change capacity building model for Africa’ by Aidan Msafiri, Climate Change Ambassador for Tanzania

Introduction 2: ‘Opportunities to strengthen capacity building from The Paris Agreement’ by  Yamide Dagnet, World Resources Institute (WRI)

Introduction 3: ‘Strengthening capacity of African policymaking and civil society’ by Razack B Lokina, University of Dar es Salaam


The introductions were followed by response and discussion from:

  • Siaka Coulibaly (The African Capacity Building Foundation)
  • Kassim Gawsu Toure (African Youth Initiative on Climate Change)
  • Stanley Ijeoma (Schrodinger Nigeria Ltd.)